Financing for Medical Professionals

You have devoted your career to serving others. Premier Strategy Group (PSG) stands ready to assist you in growing that service...

As a medical professional, you know that your practice is more than just a business.

 It’s an extension of yourself and your passion, and it represents all the effort and time you’ve put in to get to where you are now.

But when it comes down to it, your practice is still a business—and it needs financing if it’s going to thrive.

Capital for Every Stage

As a medical professional your knowledge and abilities will grow as the years progress.

 As your skills expand you may find yourself wanting to branch out on your own. If you choose to open up your own practice, purchase an existing one or partner up with another doctor, we are poised to help you make it happen.  

Start-up Financing

Opening a new practice can be shockingly expensive. You’ll be confronted with a long list of costs. PSG’s lower-than-traditional rates enable you to jumpstart a solo, partner practice. We can provide up to $3,000,000.00 and 100% financing. And, once you are up and running, we can secure funding for working capital until you begin turning a profit. PSG will get you on your feet and running.

  • Long-term commercial real-estate leases
  • Medical equipment
  • Payroll for support staff
  • Insurance
  • Construction and remodeling
  • Advertising

Practice Acquisitions

The Baby Boomers are retiring in droves. Twenty percent of active physicians will be 65 or older in the next decade. Most will be selling their practices soon. Buying a turnkey medical practice with equipment, staff and a pre-existing patient roster can be an exciting and lucrative option. However, it will require funds for purchase and operating capital. PSG can help you navigate Small Business Administration (SBA) or private lender paperwork to get you into your own medical office, serving your community as quickly as possible.

Business Structure

It’s no secret that running a medical practice is not cheap. Nurses, administrative staff, and other personnel need to be paid. Rent can be exorbitant, and insurance is legendarily expensive. If you find yourself working with a debt load that feels unmanageable, then you need to work with PSG to find ways to restructure, renegotiate or even discharge the debt.

Partner Buy-In/Buy-Out Loans

Relationships change over time. It’s inevitable. You may find yourself ready to leave a partnership for greener pastures or you might be looking to buy out an existing partner. PSG can help navigate that journey in a manner where everyone feels justly compensated. We can also locate the funds necessary for a buy-out. If you’re being offered a buy-in position at existing practice, we are experts at securing loans.


When all goes according to plan and your practice thrives you may find yourself bursting at the seams. Ready for a bigger office, more employees, or more equipment? PSG is eager and willing to get you the capital you need to bring your services to even more people.

Individual Solutions for Individual Professions

Your unique skillset heals. Your specialty solves a problem few others can solve. No two medical practices are the same. Singular professionals like you deserve a tailored solution to their funding needs. PSG will get to know your specific goals and needs. Then, whatever stage in your journey you are on, PSG can help fund the bridge that gets you to your next step. 


Our team of seasoned loan professionals looks forward to watching your practice grow. Or, when it’s time, helping you phase out into a new chapter.

You help people every day. Contact us today and see if we can help you.

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